Our City

Second city, let them,

those who cannot put their fists in front of their faces

who speak in bullshit tongues

a language not translated here

stay where they dwell

We know full well

big shoulders

cannot be bought in some

Disneyland neighborhood

They must be earned

Through tremoring hands

Emptied malort bottles

Having the Sweetness sucked out

like venom

We a rebellious town

Unions on march

Teachers leaving desks

Trying to save a city distressed

Asking for respect

From men

Bent, bribed and broken

Pockets filled with coin

From a greased faced men

Reaching inside themselves for overtime

Labored hands protesting “no more.”

Pleading instead to be wrapped around a pole

on an el heading to a bar or home

a face begging to be rinsed and relaxed

one amongst a crowd

a face that can belong to

a man

a woman

Everyone on the move trying to make it through

The winter

The traffic

The screw you we feel with the increase of tax

Lets face facts


Built on the backs of the 4amers

The immigrant bricklayer

Its built by mothers

Who demand investment in their children's schools

Built by mothers

Who have grown sick and tired of their


Defunded, disregarded and discouraged by those men whose children never had to worry on their way home

By those men weak and small who do not visit these neighborhoods

By those men who are keeping it all

Watching black and brown

neighborhoods fall

Gun violence they say

It’s a problem they say

Stay off the streets they say

It’s not front page news they say

slapping sports teams on the front page

It’s been a hundred years they say

Instead they quietly close more schools

Siting low attendance

Meanwhile driving down the street there are class fulls of crosses


We a trump free zone


Why do we need more corrupt politicians

We have our own

Our town


the millennial rarely spoken of

the work horses

the teachers

the cement mason

the ones raised here

the ones who will continue to carry this city

our city

On our backs

Giving back to the communities

Holding politicians accountable

Try as you might

You cannot chop us down

We are a home grown solution

To your poli-tic pollution