Sentences series: It was purple

I asked some friends to write the first sentence of a story and I would finish the rest. This is a part of my sentences series.

It was purple! Jenny yelled from her room. She was hoping her mom would find her purple fuzzy hair tie. It was the first day of first grade.  Jenny was excited to see her new school but mostly to show off the new clothes her mom bought her. Jenny’s mom had taken a third job that summer, something Jenny didn’t know. She just spent more time with her Tia Lucy. 

“I got it!” Her mom rushed into Jenny’s room. She chased Jenny around trying to pull her hair into a pony tail as Jenny rummaged through her clothes. “Stay still.” Jenny’s mom pulled her daughter back. “Okay, you’re done, what are you gonna wear mija?” Jenny’s mom looked at her daughter wearing white high top converse, purple socks, a black tutu and pink t-shirt. “This!” Jenny popped out her leg and arm, putting her outfit on full display. Jenny’s mom rolled her eyes, “Ugh, just brush your teeth! We have to go.” Jenny’s older brother came in and shoved her as he walked, “She means to brush your tooth, chimuela.” Jenny shoved back as she walked toward the bathroom.

She grinned into the mirror, she had lost a lot of teeth lately. She only had one front tooth visible. She brushed that tooth carefully as it was loose too. She looked over herself in the mirror. She moved her hands near her breasts. “What are your doing chimuela?” Her brother was standing in the door way. “One day I’m gonna have boobs!” She giggled. “Do you think you’ll have teeth too?” Her brother snarked.

Jenny’s mom piled the two into their small hatchback the motor was giving her trouble but after a few attempts the car rattled on. They drove for a half hour before pulling up to a simple white building with kids running around on the astro turf. Wow, Jenny thought, she looked over all the kids wondering who would be her friends. When she stepped out of the car she made a run for it, only to be called back by her mother. She had left her lunch behind. Jenny was too late to play, all the teachers were lining up their kids outside. 

She took a place in Mrs. Rose’s line. A little girl stood in front of her, she was more petite than Jenny. She had short brown curly hair adorned with a pink bow. “Hi!” Jenny said, the little girl turned around her blue eyes dared not blink she didn’t want to let the water run out. “Hi,” she responded in a soft tone. “I’m Jenny, what’s your name?” The little girl tilted her head and looked Jenny over. “I’m Michelle. I like your purple fuzzy.” The little girl pointed up smiling to Jenny’s purple hair tie.