Sentences Series: Women uplifting other women

I asked some friends to write the first sentence of a story and I would finish the rest. This is a part of my sentences series.

There is nothing more beautiful than women uplifting other women, Georgina thought as she bought a hand stitched purse from a woman off Etsy. She was sitting in her cubical at work, she leaned back feeling accomplished. It was a pretty slow day in the office.

The insurance business wasn’t really a chaotic one. Georgina closed her eyes but could hear Ramona in the cube in front of her. “I think I screwed up,” Ramona whispered into her phone. Georgina could always hear Ramona, even if she thought she was whispering her voice was firmly set on loud. Georgina leaned forward to listen, “I don’t know. It’s just been a mess lately. Jeff left last week, we haven’t really talked.” Ramona sniffled as she talked. Georgina thought it was weird, Jeff was their manager and he had gone on vacation with his wife and kids last week.

She had an idea that Ramona wasn’t bringing in more accounts for a couple of months now. Ramona would always come in twenty minutes late and run out fifteen minutes early to catch a train. Georgina was surprised Ramona still worked there. “It only happened once but he won’t talk to me about it. I don’t know what to do. I’d quit but if I do I’ll have to tell Dylan.” Georgina’s sat up, Dylan was Ramona’s boyfriend. Her mind started to race. What am I listening to? Did they sleep together? But Jeff is married, how could Ramona do that! She is so disrespectful, what was she thinking? She is going to get fired! Georgina’s mind stopped. She is going to get fired. 

It slowly crept up on Georgina, Ramona didn’t act alone, what would happen to Jeff. She logged on to Facebook, she didn’t even have to search for Jeff’s name, there was a post from twenty minutes ago of him and his wife both smiling. The Jamaican sun had made both of them shimmer. “I can’t tell him. I don’t know how.” There were ruffling sounds coming from Ramona’s Kleenex box. Georgina thought of Dylan, she had only met him at a few work parties but he seemed nice, a little too good looking for Ramona. How could she screw that up? “I have to go. We can just talk later ok.” Georgina could hear the phone click and Ramona got up and walked toward their break room.

Georgina had a moment of panic she wanted to tell Ramona that they’re both to blame and that she shouldn’t let one slip up disrupt her work.  She popped her head out but there was still no sign of Ramona. Georgina kept pacing until she caught Ramona walking into her cubical. They were not the best of friends, Georgina was two years younger than Ramona and they didn’t have much in common. Ramona was short and curvy with strawberry blonde hair. She was a self-described nerd with a different book every week. She would prop it up on her desk and read during lunch. Georgina was tall and slender her brown straight hair hit her shoulders. She was twenty-two and still a little flat chested. Her main goal with this job was to get a breast augmentation. The two locked eyes, Ramona’s looked wounded. “Yes?” Ramona asked in an annoyed tone. “Listen, I-I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but,” Georgina was looking at her hands she twisted her lip and continued, “I just want you to know that if you slept with Jeff. You know, it’s um on both of you guys. You know you shouldn’t be worried about losing your job.” Ramona rolled her wet eyes, ”huh,” she sarcastically smirked. “It wasn’t consensual.”