Sentences Series: I want ice cream! 

I asked some friends to write the first sentence of a story and I would finish the rest. This is a part of my sentences series. 

“I want ice cream!” Sofia could hear the demand coming from behind her. She turned and saw a little girl with her blonde pigtails swinging as she stomped her feet, “I said, I want ice cream!” 

Everyone at the bus stop looked at the nervous father holding his daughter’s pink unicorn backpack, sweat dripped around his temples. The little girl’s eyes were closed tight to avoid the judgmental looks. She continued to stomp her feet. Her father leaned forward, “Sweetie, we got you ice cream remember you dro-dropped your cone?” The father twisted the backpack strap in his hand. The strap was sweaty from his grip, the little girl let out a scream. Everyone averted their eyes, trying to give the man’s wounded pride a bit of privacy.

“Okay, okay, we’ll get you another. What would you like sweetie?” The little girl stopped her stomping and opened her eyes she was still visibly upset. An older Latina woman at the bus stop turned in shock to the man. Sofia caught her look and quickly searched down the street for the bus. She didn’t know whether she wanted it to come or delay. What would this woman say? Luckily, Sofia didn’t have to wait too long. In a thick Spanish accent the women bellowed, “Oh no sir! I can’t believe it. This not okay. She no supposed to treat you like this.” The man looked up as if realizing for the first time he was at a bus stop, a public bus stop. He looked around at the group waiting for the bus but they all shied their eyes away.

The man stood up straight and looked over to the woman, his anger was rising to the surface. ”Excuse me, but why don’t you mind your business! At what point was anyone talking to you?” Sofia’s eyes widened the fact that she didn’t have cable in her apartment made moments like this priceless. The bus was pulling up and Sofia felt a rush of panic, please say something, she thought as she watched the woman. The bus was starting to load, the Latina woman went tight lipped for a moment finally she said, Like a father, like a daughter.