Joe Biden a beast of burden

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In 2014, Lucy Flores was the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in Nevada and Joe Biden, then Vice President, came out to a rally in support of her. In this episode Flores talks about Biden's behavior that can only be described as a violation of personal space and inappropriate. Stories of "Creepy Joe Biden" are a dime a dozen but the real issue is the fact that Vice President Biden doesn't apologize or change his behavior. There are layers to inappropriate behavior against women from the "ayo ma," comments to being followed for blocks or being cornered in a parking lot. The stories are endless and escalate. 



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Be The Tallest Poppy

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Harry Lopez, a personal and professional coach, as well as the founder of Impact Latinx Academy. His past as a school teacher and a teaching coach lead him to his career. He is a source of support for professionals who maybe holding themselves back from their greatest potential. We also talk about our experiences at We All Grow's wellness day. We both did a past life regression and a meeting of our spirit guides. We touch a bit about the coaching he has received and an obituary he had to write. Become a Patreon for $1 and get that extra audio! 

Too Damn Young

Vivian Nuñez a writer and founder of Too Damn Young, a resource for those who are going through the grieving process. We chat about the impact and change that can happen when you lose someone you love. Grief is a difficult process to navigate especially as a young adult. Too Damn Young has resources to aid the grieving process, everything from how to handle the holidays after losing a loved one to how writing about them can help keep their memory alive. 



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Tata Rambo an American Hero

This week's episode is with Henry Barajas, a journalist and comic book writer. He currently has a kick starter going for his future graphic novel La Voz De M.A.Y.O. In his novel he explores his grandfather's legacy as a WWII vet but also as an activist fighting for Native American rights. There is so much of our history that is left out of the conversation. It's our responsibility to tell our histories for future generations. 










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What would Carrie do?

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Curly Velasquez and I talk about spirituality, leaning into our bruja intuitions and how that can assist self-love. We talk about our struggles with alcohol and drugs and it's connection to spirituality. Something, I personally have struggle with in the past. I have recently attempted to be sober but to be honest, it hasn't worked out. It is something I am considering going back to. 


We also talk about creating Latino content and the role the audience plays.

Interracial Marriage


Kimberly Erickson and I share something very interesting in common, we're both in interracial marriages. It's something we take for granted now but interracial marriages have only been legal for 52 years. We talk about the joy of sharing our culture and traditions with our significant other. As well as, the challenges that come with simple differences. She also shares her experience growing up and learning to embrace her Latinidad in Minnesota. 

The legacy of Sylvia Rivera

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Samy Nemir Olivares and I talk about the legacy left by Sylvia Rivera, a transgender activist who dedicated her life to helping gay and transgender youth. 

She was a part of the Stonewall Riots that was a six day protest against law enforcement. She was one of the founders of STAR, Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, which helped aid homeless and jailed gay and transgendered youth. 

She also famously took the microphone during a 1973 gay pride parade, where she called out the crowd for their privileged position. Sylvia was completely ahead of her time and a a fundamental part of the gay and transgender fight for equality. 


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Writing the human experience

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Oliver Mayer is a play wright and USC Professor. He and I talk about his most recent play, Member's Only a follow up to Blade To The Heat a story about a boxer who came out in the 50s. Member's Only revisits Pedro Quinn as he is guiding a female boxer through the challenges of being a woman in the sport. 

We talk about the college admission scandal and I get his reaction as a faculty member at USC.