Episode 6: Angie Correa


Ep. 6

An interview with Angie Correa about her work as a life coach, our moves 


I had the most amazing interview with Angie Correa. We talked about our moves across the country. The difference between motivation and focus and we pulled some amazing tarot cards for ourselves and the audience. 

Tarot cards

Here are the tarot cards that came up during our conversation. 

The audience's card was the Seven of Ariel: "You have invested wisely. Have patience and wait for the harvest. Review your progress and make plans for your next endeavor."  

"Your seeds are well planted however, some plans do take time to develop. Now is not the moment to stop as success is very probable. You many not see it clearly but slow and steady progress is being made. Have patience it's almost time. This is a good opportunity to pause and review how far you've come. Are things moving along as you'd planned? If not what changes might you make in the future? If you're at the end of a project don't linger too long finishing it up. The next success awaits your attention."