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I am Annabel Garcia Torres, a writer, podcast host and journalist. I have performed my poetry and short stories throughout Chicago. Truly my greatest passion is storytelling.

The name Latinx On The Rise came from my work as an ESL, English as a second language, teacher in Chicago. I worked with many undocumented adults who were trying to give their children better lives and trying to survive.

Through my experience teaching English and Citizenship to adults the idea for Latinx On The Rise was born. I wanted an opportunity to show the resilience and drive in the Latino community.

I wanted to share stories from an underserved community. My desire is to influence younger generations of color to embrace their identity especially in a political climate that sees differences as a divide.

The interviewees keep growing as each interviewee nominates a future person to be interviewed.

If you or someone you know should be on the podcast, email me!