El Closet Therapy


We’ve all seen or heard about Marie Kondo’s method but let’s be realistic holding something and asking if it brings us joy isn’t enough. By disposing of mountains of clothes we are just adding to pollution in the environment.

Ana Karina Da Silva and I talk about methods to clean out our closets, swap clothes with friends and stop impulse buying.

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The art of letting go!

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I had the pleasure of talking with Christina Medina, music supervisor for Jimmy Kimmel Live. We all have dreams in our life that we put our full weight behind. Working in late night was Christina’s. However, when those dreams don't work out exactly as we saw them, it’s hard to let go. Christina and I talk about showing up, being prepared and letting go.

The ability to let go and accept what does not come our way the first time, opens us up to the opportunity it will come back to us.

We also chat about being first generation and her parents reaction to her working in entertainment. It’s always a cute experience to try to explain exactly what you do to parents, especially when there is a cultural difference.

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"Life is not a self improvement project"

Christopher Rivas and I talk about the process of allow ourselves to feel. While it's amazing to scroll through a million positive and empowering memes, where is the room for the rest of it? The days that we feel like we need to be empathized with. Christopher wonders if, "we're drowning in positivity?" As we're writing down our goals for this new year, let's leave room to check in with ourselves. 



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Keep it Simple Silly!

Today I interview my dear friend Yvonne Nieves, a spiritual wholeness practitioner, instructor and coach. I have worked with her and the akashic records for a few years now. She is my Reiki Guru and a great one at that. We talk about some rituals you could be doing to improve your energy for 2019. Clear out the old that is not working and open yourself up to the new.

She does distance reiki sessions and akashic readings if you’d like to reach her click here or reach out through her instagram!

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Manifesting a new year!

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The Manifestor’s Journey

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We are a few weeks into the new year and we all have our goals simmering in our minds. Somehow by June most of us will fall off our ambition wagon. How can we prevent that from happening and instead be knocking goals out left and right?

Today's guest is Candy Nairovy Santana. She is a law graduate, actress, fellow podcaster and author of The Manifester's Journey. We talk about how we can manifest through intention, meditation and gratefulness a year of our dreams! 

She refers alot to her book in this conversation, click here to get one for yourself! 



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Are you ready…

for the first Latix LGBTQ talk show?

Because I AM!

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Happy Friday Fam! I am so excited to bring you a fun interview today! I talked to Alexander Rodriguez the host of the radio show On The Rocks and new LATV show called Glitterbomb! His new show is the first Latinx LGBTQ talk show and as he refers to it, it is the gay view. We talk about coming out in the Latinx community and the challenges that can come with that. Alexander shares a touching story about the first time his grandma saw him in a pride parade. This episode was such a pleasure to record I really hope you all enjoy it! 


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*Trigger warning*


The #metoo movement has been fast moving since last year. Recently, while watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford give her testimony about her experience with sexual assault I felt the need to reach out to Adriana Alejandra Alejandre, the host and producer to Latinx Therapy as well as, a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing at Counseling and Trauma Therapy. 

I wanted to dig a little deeper on what happens to us mentally after we experience sexual assault. I share some personal stories that were difficult to share but I am committed to being open with my audience. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please reach out and let me know. 


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